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05. Achieving Success as a Single Mom + Gaining Clarity on Future Goals

Achieving Success as a Single Mom + Gaining Clarity on Future Goals | Studio 78 Podcast

In this special episode I conduct a special mentoring session with LaKaye Mbah. She is a photographer, teacher, mom and artist. We discuss the stigma and challenges of single motherhood that is often times self-imposed. Later in the episode we dig into what she specifically wants her future career to look like and what she needs to begin to do to transition her business to the next stage.

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  • We talked about single mom’s like Cathy Hughes and Lisa Nichols that have done amazing things as a single mothers
  • LaKaye discusses working through unexpectedly getting pregnant and becoming a single mom
  • “People like you don’t get to be successful” is an untrue statement she realized she was saying to herself
  • We discussed why she THOUGHT she was not more successful after doing everything she was supposed to do
  • Her definition of success is freedom, which includes travel, making memories and creating experiences
  • A quote that resonates with her from Lisa Nichols is, “Even if you’re making more money the only thing you’re making is the opportunity to make better memories”
  • LaKaye decided to get a second masters to learn how to paint because she has always wanted to learn how to
  • She wants to travel and immerse herself in different cultures
  • We discussed her skill sets: teacher, artist, designer, photographer
  • Currently she is a real estate photographer
  • What she’s looking for in a job: something full-time but will allow her to maintain her independence
  • LaKaye’s life goal for this year: “Transformation.” She wants to step into the person she’s meant to be
  • Career goal: Explore, be open-minded and take on new projects that come her way
  • We discuss walking away from something that you’ve identified with for so long
  • She has made up her mind that she will focus on object photography versus people photography
  • We discuss her next steps to include revamping her website to showcase photography courses



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