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07. The Power of Connection, Word of Month + Building a Brand With Alexis Campanis

07. The Power of Connection, Word of Month + Building a Brand With Alexis Campanis | nachesnow.com

San Diego graphic designer Alexis Campanis is continuously evolving. She’s worked for others, herself, and is now partnering with other creatives to do more community based and philanthropic work. She also loves to travel and has lived in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and California.

Alexis walks us through how she built her brand and provides tips on what entrepreneurs should keep in mind when building theirs. She also list off some amazing networking resources!

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  • Alexis grew up in a rural part of Pennsylvania and attended Penn State where she received a degree in graphic design
  • After graduating she spent 6 years in Birmingham, Alabama and loved being exposed to their art culture, which helped shape a large part of her style
  • She then went to the West Coast and has been there for 8 years practicing graphic design
  • While in Birmingham she worked as an entry-level designer at Big Communications for a year and half and then worked for a while as a independent designer while also traveling a lot
  • To help her determine where she should move to next she created a list of top design cities that were doing really cool things
  • Last on her list was San Diego, her friend convinced her it was the place to be; it took her about a year and half to make the move and she’s been out there ever since
  • “So many experiences have happened by just saying yes to certain things and no to certain things” – Alexis Campanis
  • Most of her work was obtained by word of month
  • She also worked at the Disney Store, in their brand and image department, which led her to work on her brand; she ended up putting a site together and cultivating her social media pages which helped her get new projects and clients
  • “I love feeling connected with good people, good causes and good efforts” – Alexis Campanis
  • After meeting the headmaster at Platt College to discuss collateral work she was asked to teach a class in graphic design
  • She’s a huge fan of research and she decided to dissect the riveting parts of other brands to discover what works for her
  • With any personal brand it’s a lot about consistency (continue to freshen up your work)
  • Instagram is her favorite social media account mainly because she enjoys photography and “moments”
  • When looking at your brand you need to determine (1) what you are comfortable putting out there, (2) what type of reactions you are looking for, and (3) what type of work are you looking to get; do this before you start the creation portion of your brand
  • Future: Wants to do more community based and philanthropic work; she joined up with a co-creative, Jeff St. John, to do more of this kind of work
  • Since partnering with a co-creative, she created the designs for the Y21 conference and TED-X San Diego (1800 attendees)
  • Jeff St. John is moving to Seattle, but they will operate from two different hubs to reach more clients


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