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33. Living With Fibromyalgia + Food and Natural Living Tips

33. Living With Fibromyalgia + Food and Natural Living Tips | Studio 78 Podcast

We’re delving into the wellness and healthy living arena this week with guest Brittany Hollie. After experiencing crippling pain and chronic fatigue for several years, Brittany realized she had autoimmune and digestive system diseases that were affecting her everyday living. To improve her quality of life, Brittany researched and found that her diet could aid with managing the symptoms of her diseases.

Brittany is a natural helper and decided to chronicle her experience with discovering health living, through foods and natural products, and maintaining her life—despite living with chronic diseases—on her website Lil’ Sweet Spice Advice to inform and inspire others with her life-changing discoveries. Hearing Brittany’s story was an eyeopener on the healing power of food and and how small changes in your diet can impact your life.

  • Brittany suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and dysautonomia and initially became symptomatic eight years ago
  • Her mom also suffered from fibromyalgia, but they didn’t have the same symptoms, causing a lengthy journey to get a diagnosis.
  • Common fibromyalgia symptoms: pain and numbness of the nerves, effects the digestive system, and memory
  • Realized that diet and how you live your life can impact frequency and severity of symptoms
  • After researching what could help, she found that eliminating white sugar and white flour from her diet would help; uses organic cane sugar and organic white whole wheat flour
  • To help decrease her symptoms, she also started eating:
    • Organic vegetables
    • Free range chicken
    • Organic eggs
    • Pastured-raised lamb
  • Eventually had to medically withdraw from college
  • Started Piece of Paradise, an online bakery, to try to make additional income; organic baking is different than regular baking
  • In April 2016, she started her blog to help others experiencing the same ailment or similar auto-immunune issues avoid some of the things she went through
  • She also started working in real estate with her and found that the flexibility suited her lifestyle
  • Grocery shopping tips:
    • Shop at a nature store (i.e. Sprouts, Whole Foods, Fresh Market)
    • Stay on the outskirts of the grocery store (middle aisles tend to have processed products)
    • Try to buy vegetables and fruits in season and freeze them for later use
    • Use grass-fed butter (rich in vitamins K and D)
    • Cook with coconut and olive oil instead of vegetable oil
    • Use natural lard instead of Criso
  • When dining out, she eats food on the lighter side such as a salad, but considers these meals her cheat meals and may deviate from her regular diet
  • Decided to focus on sweets to sell because she knew it would help her customers and it was the easier  to deliver
  • Her blog provides healthy recipes and natural living tips (i.e. making soaps, toothpaste, house cleaners)
  • We talk natural deodorant; her recommendation is a new product Sway
  • Product marketing: connected with people by going to local business meetings and through her real estate meetings
  • Blog marketing: Facebook ads and hashtags
  • Love yourself and be patient with yourself. – Brittany
  • We talk a bit about medications for treating fibromyalgia, whether consulting a specialist or general doctor is best, and tests that can be taken to help with diagnosis

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