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35. Why Brand Photography Is Important + Tips For Finding and Working with a Photographer

Why Brand Photography Is Important + Tips For Finding and Working with a Photographer with Mallika Malhotra | Studio 78 Podcast NacheSnow.com

A key ingredient to every successful business is branding. This week’s guest, Mallika Malhotra, is a branding guru. She’s masterfully leveraged her skills as a former marketing and advertising professional and created a business that marries strategy, storytelling, and photography.

Mallika empowers women across the globe to be thoughtful in their visual approach to their businesses and to create brands that are indicative of not only the service(s) they provide, but also their purpose and passion(s).

Her most recent endeavor, The Brand Photography Playbook, delivers all types of goodness and is a must-buy for all business owners. During our chat, Mallika touches on some of the tips that she provides in her book as well as how she went from snapping pics of her children to becoming a branding and photography trailblazer. Enjoy folks!

  • Mallika Malhotra has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, but previously worked in advertising and marketing
  • Started out by sharing pictures of her two young boys while living in California as a way to connect with her family in the NY area
  • In the past three or four years, she shifted her focus from family photography to business and branding because she got very involved in networking and helping women with their brands
  • Mallika explains how self-confidence and being okay with taking risks will help new business owners get started
  • She enjoys the flexibility entrepreneurship offers because it also allows her to spend time with her three children who are 8,13, and 15
  • Mallika has diversified her business by offering different services such as brand photography, brand strategy, and workshops and also authoring a book
  • On every vision board she’s created, she always included her desire to write a book
  • The Brand Photography Playbook is a culmination of all of the questions Mallika repeatedly has had to answer through the years along with other helpful tidbits you need to know before a brand photography shoot
  • She hired an editor and a graphic designer that matched the vision she had for the book
  • Worked on her book for six months; self-published it using Create Space
  • Selecting a brand photographer:
    • Review their work and make sure it looks professional (consistent, good lighting and clarity) and that their style matches your style
    • The potential photographer should have some background in branding or business because  your photos should have intention and tell a story
    • Make sure you have a conversation with the photographer because it’s important you have a connection with that person
  • We discuss preparatory questions to consider when selecting a photographer such as price and asking about what the deliverables will be so you understand what’s included in the price
  • Phone photography tips:
    • Always look for good light because it will help with the clarity of the photo
    • When you figure out your brand style, stick with it so you can create a signature look for your social media feed
    • If you decide to use the same filter, adjust the opacity for each photo
    • Use apps that will allow you to save your settings, such as the app Pic Tap Go 
  • Tips for getting exposure:
    • Attending conferences
    • Contacting the Chamber of Commerce
    • Reaching out and joining women’s organizations that are focused on business
    • Pitching local radio and news stations
    • Being featured on podcasts
  • Mallika discusses how her brand strategy classes helps clients with really understanding their business, which then helps her determine the visual strategy

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