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11. Discovering and Sharing Your Personal Brand Story with Amanda Miller Littlejohn

11. Discovering and Sharing Your Personal Brand Story with Amanda Miller Littlejohn | Studio 78 Podcast with Nache Snow

Strategist and coach, Amanda Miller Littlejohn, talks about her journey to success and what she’s learned along the way. She walks us through how she discovered her story and also her passion for helping others discover and share theirs. In this interview, she discusses the power of connection, mentors, and community. She also provides practical strategies for determining your services and prices.

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  • In college, Amanda saw a flyer for a communication internship at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and not only landed the internship, but turned it into a full-time job.
  • While pregnant she started her own business after being laid off from a journalism job.
  • To grow her business she utilized her networks and read a ton of books on how to become a writer.
  • Currently, she uses her journalism skills to help people figure out what is unique about them and provides strategies on how they can market, package and tell their stories.
  • She credits her customers with opening her eyes to all of her potential.
  • Amanda discusses the power of connection and surrounding yourself with mentors.
  • “A lot of people want to know the end of the story before they open the book” – Amanda Miller Littlejohn
  • Sometimes the story evolves and emerges in front of you; momentum comes from acting on things.
  • Initially, she started a blog to help her get exposure, get back into writing, and to share her journey.
  • For the 1 year anniversary of her blog she conducted an event which included a panel of journalists discussing how they use social media.
  • Convening community around a conversation is key. This event put her on the map and build up her email list.
  • “It’s really important to know what your motivation is and what you’re trying to do with your content” – Amanda Miller Littlejohn
  • The services she offers:
    • One-on-one high level brand strategy and consulting (has several packages)
    • Branding Box – at home study tool kit
    • Package Your Genius Academy –
  • We discussed how to decide what services entrepreneurs should offer and how to prices it.
  • Tips for figuring out your service :
    • Think about where you get your energy
    • Where is your audience and/or clients already getting results
    • What are you most comfortable with
  • Pricing: Look at the market and figure out where you want to fit and how you want to position yourself.
  • We discuss how writing a book can brand you around a topic, positioning you as and expert, and provide you with huge opportunities.


Amanda’s Branding box: thebrandingbox.com

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