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Hello, Studio 78 Podcast!

Studio 78 Podcast with Nache Snow


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In this introductory podcast, Nache’ Snow, shares her story and why she decided to start the Studio 78 podcast and nachesnow.com.


Studio 78 podcast was created to:

  • Inspire you to find your passion
  • Encourage you to do what you love
  • Allow you to discover new products

Discussion will include:

  • Nache’ has a 9 to 5, but will talk about being a night and weekend hustler
  • Interviews with everyday people living extraordinary lives

About Nache’:

Purpose of nachesnow.com:

  • Share Nache’s favorite resources
  • Help people succeed online
  • Encourage you to make time for your passion
  • Provide courses and worksheets that help you stay focused and make good design, business, and life decisions

Tips on Making Time For Passions

  • Stay focused and driven
  • Don’t stop doing what you love
  • Find balance

Everyone is a creative person, we are just creative in different ways. -Nache’

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