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09. Why Content Matters When You Choose a Website Theme

Why Content Matters When You Choose a Website Theme | Studio 78 Podcast with Nache Snow

While on the phone with Astral Riles we began discussing why content matters when choosing a website theme. This episode captures the meat of that conversation and clarifies how the two have a direct correlation with each other.


  • We discuss switching AstralRiles.com from WordPress to Shopify because her focus is now selling wall hanging
  • Nache’ mentions that after signing up for Shopify for her home decor business, creativeroute.com, she made the money back within a month
  • Nache’ stresses that the content will dictate what theme Astral should choose for her website because content matters
  • The content and the theme is symbiotic. – Nache’
  • Question: What do you want the customer to do, feel and see when they come to the homepage?
  • We begin to walk through what Astral wants the customer to do when they come to her  website
  • We discuss her upcoming product photo shoot
  • TIP: Before you purchase a theme contact the theme creator to make sure it has all of the features you want, like ability to display vertical photos
  • TIP: Try to choose a theme that doesn’t have long strings of text going across the page
  • Make sure the theme is Pinterest friendly by pinning an image on the preview theme page to make sure the images can be pinned easily
  • TIP: Pay attention to how the logo is displayed and how much room they give you for it at the top

The Shopify Themes We Discuss 


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