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150. Solo Exhibitions, Teaching Courses, and How to Encourage Yourself

A picture of Sarah Matthews. The textile artist has short auburn natural hair, yellow floral earrings, and red lipsticks. She has on a geometric colorful shirt and her background is a geometric colorful pattern with reds and yellows.

Bookmaker and print artist, Sarah Matthews, joins us again on the Studio 78 Podcast. Listen to episode 102 to hear her origin story. In this episode, she discusses landing two solo exhibitions exceeding her initial goal and how her year of yes contributed to her success. Sarah also teaches multiple online and in-person courses and provided insight into how she landed a couple of her gigs and her thoughts on the various aspects of teaching. Lastly, we discuss what it takes for someone to accomplish their plan and get into a dialogue about hustle culture and the importance of encouraging yourself.

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4:57 Solo exhibitions – Balancing prep while homeschooling, how Sarah landed the exhibitions, and the difference between doing one local versus out of state
14:51 What her “year of yes” looked like and how it helped land solo exhibitions
18:45 Pros and cons of artistic online courses
20:29 Alternative thoughts on hustle culture and the importance of encouraging yourself
22:42 How she got into doing classes for Creative Bug
29:29 Importance of diversifying your income with projects that allow you to protect your time
32:35 The importance of networking and how that landed her a job in academia
41:40 Sarah’s plans for the future to include a new YouTube series
53:07 Sarah’s favorite organization and business tools

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