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36. The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Maker and Designer

The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Maker and Designer with Hadiya Williams | Studio 78 Podcast NacheSnow.com

Hadiya Williams is a designer and maker whose recently discovered passion has transformed her life. Her discreet dabbling in ceramics bloomed into the creation of beautiful works of art in the form of jewelry, pottery, and furniture (just to name a few) and has inspired her to delve back into entrepreneurship full-time.

This marks Hadiya’s second-time pursuing her craft full-time, but as she mentions “entrepreneurship is a cycle.” Hadiya discusses how her experiences with 9-to-5 jobs have led to her most recent decision and how’s she’s preparing this second-time around.

Folks, I can’t tell you how excited I was to speak to Hadiya at this time of transition in her life. I think she provides great advice for anyone who’s hesitant to make the jump into entrepreneurship fully and for those who have straddled between a full-time job and taking the leap.


  • DC native Hadiya has two degrees, one in computer science from Bowie State University, and the other in graphic design from Columbia College in Chicago
  • After two years working as software engineer, she realized it wasn’t for her and decided to go back to school to get her second degree in design
  •  In 2005, after graduating, she worked for year as a graphic designer at Discovery Communications; after leaving she worked in the non-profit arena for years
  • She started making her jewelry in February 2017 after taking a class in ceramics; she decided to use polymer clay so she could begin experimenting from home
  • Her future plans are to work for herself; she is currently investigating several co-working spaces in the area; she wants her business to combine graphic design and her love for making
  • We discuss how it’s common to go between being an entrepreneur and working at a 9 to 5; she explains this is her second time venturing into the entrepreneurial space
  •  How she’s preparing for her creative business:
    • Obtaining a CBE (it’s required in DC)
    • Aligning with people that are in a space she wants to be in
    • Looking for co-working spaces (she’s manifesting the life she wants to have)
    • Taking on a freelance job
  • She wants to base her business off of creating experiences; be it with print design, packaging, or making
  • She participated in a couple of events at the The National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • Took a upholstery class with Nicole Crowder and made a chair with the fabric she printed at Spoonflower
  • We discuss how getting laid off gave her the push she needed to pursue her dreams

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