60. $32 to 7 Figures Selling Natural Hair Care Products 740 900 Nache’ Snow - Speaker, Author, Productivity Junkie, and Host of the Studio 78 Podcast

60. $32 to 7 Figures Selling Natural Hair Care Products

We’re talking with Gwen Jimmere, the CEO and founder of Naturalicious, a company that creates beauty solutions for busy women who need products that fit into their lifestyle rather than consume it.

We discuss how she started with $32, developed her product line, pitched to wholesalers, created packaging, grew her business, why she decided to patent her product, and of course how to take care of your natural hair!

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Show Notes

  • Gwen created natural hair care products to cut your hair prep time in half; they are sold in Sally Beauty and Whole Foods
  • We discuss how you have to train your natural hair to actually do a true wash and go
  • Gwen started the company out of necessity five years ago after she had her son because she needed a product that was natural, organic, and didn’t take up her whole day
  • Her business started off as hobby and slow began to grow; 18 months into the business she found herself getting laid off 30 days before her divorce was final  
  • At that point she had $32 to her name and had to come up with a plan;  she pitched a Wholefoods that was opening in Detroit and received her first purchase order
  • Her first wholesale order opened doors because it helped legitimize the business which ultimately led to her getting a call from the Obama Administration asking that Naturalicious product be included in the gift bags for the 2nd inaugural ball
  • We discuss how the Naturalicious packaging evolved 
  • Pitch tip: Go in to a pitch meeting with “here’s what’s in it for you”

Don’t be afraid to not have it all together. You don’t have to have everything figured out, you just have to start!

Gwen Jimmere
  • Naturalicious which is owned 100% by Gwen is a debt free company  that earns 7 figures a year; we discuss how and why her business was profitable from the start and how she grew organically 
  • We discuss why it was important that her business had a give back component 
  • Gwen is the first women of color to hold a natural hair care patent; we discuss how her mom was the driving factor and how she taught her self the process in order to save money

Ownership is the way that we form generational wealth.

Gwen Jimmere
  • We discuss natural hair; check out her brand agnostic real hair revelations videos every Thursday in her Facebook group Naturalicious Nation
  • How she went from $32 to having a 7 figure business:
    • Invest in yourself. Invest in high quality ticketed events; additionally she referenced something she read: if you want to make a million dollars put yourself into circles where they would be mad if they only made a million dollars   
    • Invest in advertising. It has taken her business to another level and allowed her to work harder not smarter; she has done traditional online ads (Facebook + Google) and sponsored events



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