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Hello, Nache' here, thanks for stopping by.

I am a successful career woman, entrepreneur, graphic and web designer, productivity junkie, maker of all the things, and all-time cool Aunt (often referred to as G.O.A.T. Aunt, lol)! I share all the things via my podcast, book, YouTube videos, and courses.

My goal is to provide you with tools, resources, and practical advice on how to: (1) discover your passion, (2) make time for your passion, and (3) brand and market the heck out of your passion if you choose to.

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A little bit about me, I’m a half Jamaican born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Surrounded by love and creativity, I was taught curiosity is ok, making things is how you discover what you love, and that I could be and accomplish anything, regardless of circumstance.


I now reside in DC, and I have my undergrad degree in Mass Communication from Grambling State University and a graduate degree in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore. I’ve worked as a graphic designer, web designer, manager, and college professor. I’ve also had many side hustles to include freelancing as a designer, affiliate marketing as a blogger and podcaster, selling laser cut home decor, and creating online courses.


Nache Snow painting | About Page

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I interview everyday women doing extraordinary things. We chat about their background and the actions they took to pursue their passions. Join me in the studio!

Nache Snow painting | About Page

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Nache Snow painting | About Page

Why am I qualified to share any of this? I came from having very little to now living a life of comfort because I learned to create and implement plans to help me accomplish my goals. Within the last two decades of learning what works and doesn’t work, I’ve been able to get debt-free, afford a comfortable lifestyle, and do things I love. It took hard work, determination, and commitment to action.

What you can expect, honesty. I tell it like it is, what works, and what doesn’t work. Some call me pragmatic, and others call me a dreamer. Some also say I’m brutally honest. Know that I’m a serious goofball that thinks women should rule the world. Regardless, I share with you how other successful women and I get things done. Let’s get started.

Free Resource Guides

You now have all of my favorite things! I created the web page resource guides below to help you do your thing. No sign-up required, just click “Take Me” and it will send you directly to the page.

FREE Health and Wellness Resource Guide |

Health + Wellness Resource Guide

Eating healthy and taking care of myself is a daily battle. These are a few of the resources that assist me with winning those battles on most (ok, some) days.

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Photography Resource Guide

Photography is one of my true passions. In this guide, I list my favorite apps, editing software, and stock photography websites.

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FREE Design Resource Guide |

Design Resource Guide

As a designer, I have my go-to software and websites. I’m now sharing them with you. I hope these resources provide you with the tools you need to create an effective brand.

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Website Resource Guide

A website is crucial to the success of your business. It helps legitimize your business and allows people to get to know your brand. This guide gives you the tools to get started with creating a website.

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FREE Web Resource Guide |
FREE Business Resource Guide |

Business Resource Guide

Not sure what tools to go with for your business? Well, I’ve rounded up the best software tools for your needs. I also have you covered when it comes to packaging, shipping, and business cards.

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Nache Snow painting | About Page

How to Organize Your Life To Make Time For Your Passion or Side Hustle

This is a special mini-course I created in Skillshare. Enroll now and get two months of Skillshare free which means you can take my class for FREE!