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I have a passion for making, hustling, and teaching.
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Yeah, that’s me

I’ve been addicted to design and making things since I can remember. My mom and grandmother tell stories of me dreaming about writing books and actually making little mockups for them to read. My fondest memories were being in art class getting my hands dirty. I also loved that my mom was a maker too. We used to make jewelry, t-shirts, and everything under the sun for each holiday.

Not sure if my curiosity came from the Nancy Drew books, but you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t a detective. I loved discovering new things. My friends from elementary school would make fun of me for my gadget pencil case (it was the bomb).

Ask anyone I know and they’ll say I’m a talker and over sharer. I’ve always been that way. I am an off the charts extrovert, but I love my quiet time to. I’ve taught at the college level and love making and writing tutorials about things I love. Hashtags that describe me: #sidehustlequeen #thelifecleanse #youvegotthis #studio78podcast.

If You're Alive, You're a Creative Person quote by Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Word On The Street

Nache Snow | Entrepreneur Resources for Women + Studio 78 Podcast | nachesnow.com
About Nache Snow

So, why did you create this website?

NacheSnow.com is a resource website that helps future and current entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals passionate about an idea get organized and live their dreams.

My mission is to arm you with the best advice about business, design, productivity and wellness so you can effectively accomplish your dreams. Start your journey today:


Studio 78 Podcast | entrepreneurship and side hustle interviews
Studio 78 Podcast

NacheSnow.com, started January 2017,  is a resource website that helps entrepreneurs, side hustlers, business owners, and individuals follow their passions and organize their lives. I also have a podcast, Studio 78, that interviews women who do this effectively.

Can I Park Here? Podcast
Find a Fashion Truck
Can I Park Here? Podcast

Astral Riles and I are the co-owners of the Find a Fashion Truck Directory, Start a Fashion Truck Resource Site, and host for the Can I Park Here? Podcast. We are two women who have a love for fashion, design, and empowering others, especially women, to own their own mobile boutique.

CreativeRoute.com | Home decor
Creative Route

I started CreativeRoute.com in November of 2014 when I fell in love with laser cutting. I decided to sell handmade home decor items for the modern home. This allowed me to fund my hobby and make some extra cash on the side.

Tallook: Tall Fashion Blog
Tallook: The Tall Life

I started this blog back in early 2010 to share my tall fashion finds with fellow long-legged fashionistas. Since then I’ve been able to meet other tall bloggers that have the same goals in mind–share information and support each other.

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