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Creative Studio Tour | Desk Setup, Home Office, and Journaling Nook

Sitting on a white counter height desk is a silver iMac computer, a gold and white mechanical keyboard, a ficas plant, and a water bottle.

We spend a lot of time in our spaces working on the computer, journaling, crafting, and many other tasks. We must invest in our rooms to make sure it’s functional, inspirational, and good for mental and physical health.

This video shows you how I’ve set up my space since moving into an apartment a couple of years ago. I had to be creative with the area; however, I had a lot to work with because of all the items I’ve collected over time. Some simple tips for creating a space you love are:

  • Choose a theme color(s), and when you purchase items like staplers, planters, etc., within your color scheme, it helps things flow together.
  • You need a plant, fake or alive. It adds to the room and helps give it depth.
  • Decide what your design aesthetic is clean, modern, or eclectic, and let that help guide how you design your space.
  • Wall art, paid or DIY, is another way to give a space personality.

I hope seeing my space provides you with some ideas on how to reenvision your space if you’re looking to make a change. If you don’t have a budget for change, you can do a lot with very little. You just have to be creative!



Tchotchkes + Other Items


  • Ficus Triangularis
  • Fiddle Leaf
  • ZZ Plant

Journaling Supplies

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