Hello, my name is Nache’ Snow, and I have an addiction to business books and journals!

I don’t always have time to read books, but when I do it’s usually about business or money. I like books that provide actionable tips and that are quick reads.

Below you’ll find an array of books. Some that are in my personal library and others that have been recommended by people I trust. My absolute favorites are under the My Favorite section.

I’ll be periodically adding to this list as I discover more books.

Be sure to give the page a few minutes to load–tons of images–to make sure that when you filter all of the books show up.

Am I missing something? Let me know.

Also, most of these are affiliate links meaning that if you click on the link and purchase the book I get a little kick back. Doesn’t cost you a thing, but it helps me fund my podcast!

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