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112. Resilience: A Hysterectomy, A Move, and A Divorce

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Studio 78 Podcast host, Nache’ Snow, talks about some life events to include a hysterectomy to relieve pain, a move during COVID-19, and a divorce from someone she still considers her best friend. Though 2019-20 has proved to be full of change amongst other unexpected events, she discusses the importance of remaining resilient and having the courage to make significant life changes while also figuring out how to do all the other things.


  1. Starting over is scary, but sometimes it’s what you need in order to live the life you love. Don’t let hard decisions paralyze you and learn to force yourself to have difficult conversations. 
  2. Take care of yourself. Do exercises that work for you, get regular check-ups, and make sure you do what needs to be done when it comes to taking care of yourself. That can mean surgery or just going to the doctor when you don’t feel good.
  3. Create habits to help you maintain your well being. On days she doesn’t work, she always wakes up, puts on her workout clothes, and goes for a walk. She never did that at her old house, it’s interesting how changing your environment can help you create and maintain a new habit. With journaling, she always has it in sight on her table as a visual queue to remind her to journal.

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