59. Branding Series Part 4 of 4: Brand Messaging 740 900 Nache’ Snow - Speaker, Author, Productivity Junkie, and Host of the Studio 78 Podcast

59. Branding Series Part 4 of 4: Brand Messaging

59. Branding Series Part 4 of 4: Brand Messaging | Studio 78 Podcast nachesnow.com/59

As they say, “all things must come to an end,” and unfortunately that is true not only for this season of the Studio 78 Podcast, but also for the four-week branding series. Not to fret though, we’re wrapping up the series (and season) with an amazing guest, Marva Goss. Marva is a brand and sales strategist who coaches creatives who need help showcasing the value of their service so they can book more of the right clients. Marva is a veteran turned life coach turned strategist that encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zones to build an online presence that stands out from the rest.


In the episode, Marva speaks about verbal branding, also known as, brand messaging. Marva offers tips on how to move beyond solely relying on websites and other visual elements to attract customers and start considering the emotional connection you can create with customers through your messaging.

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Show Notes

  • Marva Goss is a brand and sales strategist
  • Verbal branding or branding messaging is the way you emotionally connect with your audience; language is one of the ways you can do that
  • People buy products and services based on their emotions first and logic second, according to psychology
  • When reading your content, the audience needs to feel that you have an immediate solution to their problem
  • When creating your messaging, remove the fluff and guesswork to make sure your message is very clear to your customers and showcases the following:
    • What you do
    • Why you do it
    • Who you help
    • Why it matters (why do they need your product or service, why do they need it now)
  • Connect with customers by sharing the story on how you got started (your story is like your fingerprint, only unique to you). Consider sharing it via the following platforms:
    • Video
    • Podcast
    • Something voice related or where customers can see your body language
    • Blogging
    • Email blast
  • Discover your voice and showcase who you are in your branding material; round up friends and ask them what words you use most
  • Marva’s Signature Program Master Your Message goes into:
    • Ideal client research
    • Mission, vision, goals
    • Brand story (this helps business owners know their story when they are getting ready to do any type of media)
    • Brand personality and tone
    • Benefits of a brand (why should people choose you over anyone else in your industry?)
    • Branded content
    • Visibility plan
  • Find your story:
    • Map out how you got to where you are and your business idea (all the things that led you to the point where you are)
    • Highlight the things you feel comfortable sharing
    • Record yourself talking about your story and share it
  • We talked about doing “introduction post” on IG where you share your story using a bullet point style to connect with your audience
  • We discuss how impactful video is because it creates a strong connection with your audience
  • How to stand out:
    • The more content you produce and post, the more you are perceived as a good resource; be consistent with your content
    • Tune in and listen to what’s happening in other industries; figure what’s being done in other industries that are not being done in yours that you can possibly transfer
    • Put out relevant content; provide your spin on content that’s hot right now
  • Focus your content on the emotion you want your audience to feel; what things do you want them to feel when they encounter you (i.e. excitement, motivation, do you want them to do some introspection)
  • Importance of emotion
    • Once you know the emotion you want to create, work backward and ask yourself “How can I create a brand experience that helps invoke those emotions before they even work/buy from me?”
    • What kind of things can you share?
    • What’s your mission, vision, and goals? How do they work together to help your audience feel a specific way toward you and your business?
  • Don’t just showcase what you do, showcase what you believe!

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