62. Growing an Upholstery Business Through Intentional Entrepreneurship 740 900 Nache’ Snow - Speaker, Author, Productivity Junkie, and Host of the Studio 78 Podcast

62. Growing an Upholstery Business Through Intentional Entrepreneurship

Growing an Upholstery Business Through Intentional Entrepreneurship | Studio 78 Podcast nachesnow.com/62

Nicole Crowder is the independent furniture designer and upholsterer behind Nicole Crowder Upholstery based in Washington D.C. She has been upholstering furniture for clients since 2013. Previously Nicole was a Photo Editor for The Washington Post and Netflix.

In this episode, we discuss Nicole’s journey to launching her upholstery business, how she made a deliberate attempt to be more intentional about her lifestyle, and how she manages her business. 

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Show Notes

  • In college she was involve in art and design and she ended up doing an internship with Essence Magazine which introduced her to the world of photo editing 
  • That started her 10 year career in photo editing and she moved from NY to DC to work for AARP; She also worked for the Washington Post for a bit before moving to Cali to work with Netflix 
  •  Throughout this period she grew a love for upholstery which ultimately led her to move back to DC
  • She loved thrifting and antique markets and she loved decorating her space with found objects
  • In 2011-12 she worked with Apartment Therapy doing house tours and she noticed she was drawn to chairs while photographing spaces
  • After being told about a store in Baltimore she bought some chairs and never looked back; an interior designer interested in her upholstered chairs told Nicole this isn’t a hobby it’s a niche
  • 2016 she left her full time position at Netflix and made the decision to do this full time; She started 31 January 2017

I wanted to just be more intentional about the lifestyle and the work I wanted to do for myself

  • 7:40 She decided to relaunch her upholstery business in a way that she would thrive; That meant creating structure around what kind of work she wanted to do, price point, where she wanted to live, how she wanted to work
  • Nicole discusses how she originally tried to open her upholstery business in 2013 and lessons learned 
  • We discuss insurance and accounting [links below]
  • Main streams of income goals: sell on her website, have a studio, and work with hotels
  • Majority of her work is residential, but she wants to do more commercial so she can produce her own work
  • We discuss offering high end furniture to those with disposable income, but offering classes for those who want something more affordable
  • Through her workshops she’s been able to create a community
  • We discuss how to be intentional with the money you want to make so you can  maintain financially as a small business owner
  • To stay motivated Nicole meditates, journals and sketches; also creating work that’s not already out there 


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