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Nache’s Favorite Things | 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Nache's Favorite Things | 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Ok . . . well . . . I may not have Oprah’s status, but I still think I have an eye for amazing, beautiful, useful products! I own some of the products on this list, but most of them are on my wish list (if you’re on my mailing list, my PO BOX address is right at the bottom of the email . . . wink, wink).

On Instagram and Pinterest, I always keep a “To Buy” board (it stops me from binge shopping). Many of these items come from there, my audience, or my house! Under the products, I’ve highlighted if they are owned by BIPOCs or women because we must support small minority-owned businesses. This is the way.

Images are from respective biz owners unless noted otherwise.

If you haven’t already, check out the article Black-Women Owned Creative Businesses I Love to find more gift ideas.

Art by Natasha Cunnington
Black and Woman-Owned
Gorgeous! Do you know someone who needs art? Yes! Then purchase her prints! I’ve been eyeing these for a while. I love florals and textures and her work combines them beautifully. Natasha is an art director from Kingston, Jamaica. Over the last decade, she’s been working in the spaces of branding, marketing, and print design. When she’s not churning out works for her day job or clients, she can be found creating artwork for her on-going series, ‘A Portrait Design a day’ which serves as an exploration of my love for digital collages. Fun fact: I’m half Jamaican! My father is from Montego Bay.

Live Chrysalis Box by Hawaii Calligraphy
Asian and Woman-Owned
This is just so unique, weird, and earthy you know I’m all over it. It’s lovely! You will literally grow a butterfly and then release it into the wild 🤯.

Asian and Woman-Owned
Everything she makes is quite beautiful. These are the perfect affordable gifts for the plant lovers in your life 🙋🏾‍♀️.

Amethyst Mod Planter by Tal and Bert
Are you sensing a theme here? I love anything that has to do with flowers or plants. I promise to switch it up after this one. How cute is this planter! The plant is not included, by the way!

ARCO PHLOX Shower Curtain by Quiet Town
Woman Co-Owner
These high-end shower curtains have been on my “to buy” list for a while. I love the boldness of the simple shapes, for the hip and modern friend.

Trails West Blanket by Kotah Bear
Native American Owned
I love me some blankets and throws! I love the authentic designs of their blankets, and it’s supposed to be super soft. I need it to come in a deep green (yall know I love some green). They also have some stunning jewelry.

Hanging Moon Basket Sold at The General Store
Woman Co-Owner
This store has so many affordable gift ideas; however, I’d choose this hanging basket if I HAD to pick one. I’d put it in my office and fill it with pen supplies! Just saying!

Helmets by Thousand
I have a bike that I NEED to use, but I really think I’m more of a skate girl. The hope is to get some cute skates that go up to my size (I have big feet) for next spring. To do that, I need a helmet, which can be problematic since I have an afro! However, I think these helmets might work, and they are super cute. Perfect for that super active friend who needs a helmet but thinks they’re too cute to wear one.

Address Stamp by The Homebody Society
This is a perfect gift for someone who has to send out a lot of mail and doesn’t use labels. It’s great for business owners and general snail mail fans. Personally, I love the self-inking!

Make Jefa Moves Cup by Hija de tu Madre
I love these campy military-style cups. I thought this was a perfect affordable gift for that friend who wants to start a business or get that promotion.


It’s funny besides technology and stationary, the only other thing I like splurging on are bags!! I love a good purse or backpack. I think these gifts are perfect for your sister, mom, or a good friend.

Raw Hide Suede Suite by Agnes Baddoo
Black and Woman-Owned
This bag comes in all sizes: belt bag to full-on purse.

Classic Olive-Brown Backpack by Gaston Luga
Sooooo, the picture below is from an IG account I follow, accio_library, and I saw it and had to have it! I love it! I think this backpack will keep me satisfied for a couple of years.

Crossbody Zipper Tote by Stitch and Rivet
This has been on my list for a while. It’s handmade here in DC!


Call me a nerd, but I love some puzzles. Because I’m doing all the things, it literally takes me forever to complete one, but I love them. According to Cronicas Puzzleras, Solving puzzles has a great benefit, it increases brain production of dopamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating mood and optimism. It also affects learning, memory, concentration, and motivation. I have puzzles from both of the brands below.

Jiggy Puzzles
I interviewed the founder Kaylin Marcotte about these beautiful puzzles in episode 105 of the Studio 78 Podcast. I love that the art is from women illustrators and that it comes with glue so you can frame it!

Cavallini & Co Puzzles sold by Stocklist Goods
The retailer is woman-owned, but the product owner is not.
It’s not pictured below, but I have the butterfly design.


I am the worst at tying a good looking head wrap. However, these two brands make it easy by having it all done up for you. Plus! They are satin lined to protect your hair, especially those edges. Please give it to that stylish friend.
Black and Woman-Owned

  1. Olive Print All-Satin Knot Turban by
  2. Noir T-Shirt Bun Wrap by


I love a good t-shirt. I even have a few of my own I sell! Here are a few shirts (including one of mine) that I think will make great gifts.

Unisex GRIIIITS Shirt by The Krive Shop
Black and Woman-Owned

Definition of a Black Woman Tee by Nappy Head Club
Black and Woman-Owned


Wellness items always make lovely gifts. From skincare to other meditative products, these always offer a bit of peace in a world of chaos.

  1. Etta + Billie skincare products by Alana Rivera (story on episode 84), Woman-Owned
  2. Spraise skincare products (formally Skin Deep) by Dominique Boseman (story on episode 92) Black and Woman-Owned


I had to create this section for all your friends that are productivity and stationery junkies! They will love all the things.

Black and Woman-Owned
This online store is a stationery junkie’s dream. It has ALL THE THINGS, including holiday cards and some really cool notebooks.

30 Days of Productivity by Dreams. Plans. Ideas.
Black and Woman-Owned
I created this digital planner for use in PDF editing apps like GoodNotes. It helps you set daily priorities. Simple and effective. Best of all, you can access it on all devices. Give this gift to your friend that’s an iPad junkie. Also, give them a gift card to purchase GoodNotes.

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